Hi, I AM Luciana!

Anxiety, self-esteem issues, divorce, loss, not knowing where to start to follow your dream and create your own business, absence of consistency, heartbreak, hormonal imbalances, I have lived them all and I just want to say…I get it, it is possible to transcend it, and you are not alone.

I am an Emotional Mastery Coach, Holistic Practitioner, and Meditation Instructor. I graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a Degree in Holistic Health with a focus on Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, from where I received my certification as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2013, as the co-founder and owner of I AM Luciana, offering alternative and holistic services to hundreds of clients locally in the city of El Paso Texas. My passion is to help people to reconnect with their personal power, to transform their lives and their businesses. Spiritual, personal and business development are my hobbies, my passion and my career. I have been learning and implementing many different techniques for the last 19 years and it has truly been a wild and rewarding ride. Meditation is the foundation of all of my services and online programs, I just love to share it with others. I am an ordained Acharya from the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition.

Most importantly I am a women, a mother, and a human being, trying to figure out this thing called life.

How can I support you?
— Luciana